Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an eye exam?

  • Eye exams are just as much about your general health as they are your vision. Eye doctors can monitor for changes in vision and the eye itself that may be signs of health issues, including diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Your eyesight is a precious gift. A regularly scheduled eye exam keeps you and your doctor aware of any changes in vision as you age.
  • Annual eye exams offer comfort in knowing what needs to be done to keep your eyes healthy and your vision clear.
  • Regularly scheduled eye exams help detect eye problems early on. Problems diagnosed earlier can usually be treated with greater ease.
  • Vision insurance plans often help cover the cost of an annual eye exam and reduce the cost of prescription eyewear. If you have a medical insurance with no vision coverage, and you have a medical reason for the visit (for example: dry eyes, diabetic eye exam, or a history of a medical eye problem), your medical insurance can pay for your exam.